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A bucket list is typically a list of things you want to do before you die. The term was popularized in the Rob Reiner movie “The Bucket List” when two terminally ill men (Morgan Freeman / Jack Nicholson) set out to accomplish things before they kick the bucket (die). Some people organize lists into categories. Lately, I’ve been thinking about an adventure.

Sky Diving… Did you ever?

I’ve dreamt of it… Should I do it?
PROS: getting out of my head…

  1. it will be a life changing event; a challenge unlike any other
    (in my life)
  2. it will create fond memories (adventurous and wholesome)
  3. it will be a happiness (when I succeed)
  4. it would awaken creativity and passions I don’t yet know

There probably are dozens of other pros… I’m mulling it over. I’d of course take my 13 year old son along! He’d get a thrill he’d long remember.

How about you? Have you got an adventures bucket list? Even young people may benefit by thinking about what goals and accomplishments may be had, jotting these down onto a bucket list. How about it?

A dream come true…
I’ve fallen in love; that was exciting. I’ve fallen for tricks; that was exciting.
I wonder what its like to fall from the sky.
I wouldn’t fall into a pile of poop.