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powerful techniques for a peaceful mind

Many experts say that meditation early in the morning, before starting your day is best. This method is going to place positive energy into your mind and once it’s a habit it is positive energy that will normally last throughout the entire day.

1. Upon waking or after basic bathroom duties, place positive thoughts into your mind. Keep it simple, especially at first. Here are some examples:

    • I am a peaceful and relaxed person and I choose to be.
    • A top priority today is to develop a positive outlook and a peaceful mind.
    • I plan to radiate peace outwards from my heart for every person that I come into contact with.

Begin with one and then another and the last meditation phrase. Add others, that is fine. The objective is simple enough. You want to make sure that in ten or fifteen minutes from when you get started that you feel relaxed and in touch with a lasting positive and peaceful inner feeling.

Consider a good book on positive meditations. Pick up a simple book like this one:


 I heard sound without sound.

2. Seek the experience of the stillness of mind and of being with a peaceful heart. If other thoughts emerge do not judge or focus on them, but do repeat:

    • I __your name__ seek peaceful relaxation. I am a peaceful soul… I am peaceful… I enjoy peaceful energy.
    • My mind is filling with peace… I can radiate peace into the world… I am a source of peace and happiness.
    • I feel gentle waves of peace flowing throughout my mind… I enjoy bringing peace and comfort into my day.


I felt my soul upon my reflection.

3. Feel stillness and silence envelope your mind. Imagine that you are now covered in a warm light as if from the sun. It is comforting and you may repeat:

    • I am the peaceful soul… I am a peaceful, loving soul.
    • My mind feels light and free of worry… I realize my nature is peace.
    • Peace of mind is my true nature.


A gentle kiss I placed upon the deep.

4. Peaceful thoughts flow through your mind just as a small branch’s single leaf kisses the still water. You feel the still waters gently move as you repeat:

    • I am a spirit of light and peace and I move gently on the peaceful waters of my mind. I feel gentle and peaceful.
    • I radiate peace and light to the world like a warm and gentle star… I radiate peace into the world as my mind fills with love and light.
    • The light and love envelopes me and the gentle waves of peaceful waters and the light shine from my mind into the world around me.


A gentle breeze my heart did make.

5. A gentle breeze is blowing and you feel the warmth of the sun and the stars now and as you begin to feel light and gentle you repeat:

    • I see on the screen of my mind a radiant light and this light feels gentle and soothing.
    • I am at peace with myself; this stillness of mind enables me to feel content and complete.
    • This is my wonderful journey of self discovery.

Peace of mind through meditation is a process. Radiant peace involves time and patience. Gentleness (as a reward) comes along in time with practice of peacefulness meditations. The outcome for you is that your energy increases as radiant peacefulness day by day increases in you. The benefit extends to others and comes back around to you again as others look upon what you radiate as attractive and appealing.

I certainly enjoy being attractive, empathetic and compassionate. It sometimes comes back around in just subtle ways. In certain circumstances, it calls me by voice of others to step forward. Humility too became genuine and attractive in me.

Let me know how this practice works out for you.

Thanks for reading
(spiritual topics in a secular world),

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