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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Schrodinger’s Quantum Cat

There is a reason that science can’t pronounce Schrodinger’s Cat dead or alive!Here is why: so, just for fun, think about it!Well, when the box is opened, if you look at the cat, a decision is final… only then is the cat found to be dead or alive. Otherwise, the quantum cat is either or neither… or, as was further suggested, the cat is both dead and alive. Now, this is STRANGE; to say the least. In another few installments, I want take this to some extremes. If you stick around, this cat puzzle will be only the tip of the huge unknown that is becoming known because of this very experiment. This strange thought experiment led to amazing discoveries about the properties of light, quarks, bosons, a time-space fabric, and lots more. Einstein probably can’t rest… its that exciting… so exciting that even grade school kids love learning about physics. This experiment led also to exploring the nature of consciousness and that is what I most want to explore.Strange but possibly true:

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