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What is meant by an afterlife? The essential belief that there is an afterlife is that an individual lives on after death. Otherwise, you live; you die; you’re done–fine, thanks for a home, jobs, kids, friends, the sex and some great meals and so on–that’s it; you’re done. Either experience may be true according to the empirical evidence. If SCIENCE FOLLOWS THE EVIDENCE: Either may be  true or may be false. Speculation added on to actual facts may support either case as well. Making it complicated, various people’s actual experience may support either case as well. As for what is meant by afterlife, that too is complicated. What is believed to live on beyond death? In some circles, an essential part of an individual lives on while others believe that an entire soul of an individual lives on with its personal identity. Some believe that an essential aspect returns to the physical world in a new body. Some believe that once entering into an afterlife that there is no returning.
Is there an afterlife? I believe that there is an afterlife. I believe that we are essentially spirits and that by life that makes spiritual progress, we may live on after death and perhaps make some new choices then about the how of living in ‘our’ personal afterlife. Our physical world is a realm that seems real enough and I believe that it is infused by energy that is real; but that’s as far as I go in beliefs as to how real this physical world is. I accept that I cannot prove that there is a spiritual source that is the actual source for a human being. However, I have a reason for my belief. To keep it simple, let’s say, I believe in an afterlife because I believe that God created it. I have a sense of the spirit source and that source is ever present in my heart. As I make my life more about doing what is best, I find that the Spirit source as a spiritual awareness is ever more strongly invigorating me.
I’ll add some information concerning this subject — I’m sure that there is life after death and I want to explore how others here think about this. How afterlife breaks down in this world is apparently something that we can learn from only few — as described by survivors of a near-death-experience and a few spiritual teachers. So, since this (reblog) is already on wordpress, I decided to Reblog this video as a start. I like to include others in my research… I hope you’ll click on related blogs (below).




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