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What’s up?



Do you want to stay in the moment and discover your reality?
Or would you rather just forget now and then wake up in your
bed tomorrow and believe whatever you choose to believe?


The blue pill — FANTASY — We wish for life to be run according to our private script that we direct; and all of the participants (from our day) are to take our direction. The story that we make up is in our minds. The participants are directed (we direct them to be as we predict is best for the story). Sometimes the story works for us — we don’t think about the actors so much unless they negotiate their parts.

The red pill — REALITY — opens into an inescapable fact that the world is beyond our individual control. The control was an illusion — everyone has a purpose and we are here for each other to discover together our individual purpose that turns out to be an important part of the story of the universe on its way to rejoining its source.

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