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Recently, I took just a petite interest in the coming of comet ISON (see: when is a comet not just a comet?). Obviously, my interest was peaked enough to post about it; but after that, I thought I’d be done with it for a least a month since it won’t be visible by eye until November… more developed — including receiving a comment from prayingforoneday. His comment was referencing some unusual claims about Comet Elenin. He pointed out that Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) orbits correspond to major earthquakes when Comet Elenin aligns with various planets or our sun.

I am not an expert on the data and analysis of comets nor earthquakes, but I must agree that the data he references shows clearly that Comet Elenin alignments correspond with major earthquakes. So, if the data is accurate, its significant. However, Don Yeomans, a scientist at NASA JPL says “Any approximate alignments of comet Elenin with other celestial bodies are meaningless, and the comet will not encounter any dark bodies that could perturb its orbit, nor will it influence us in any way here on Earth.”

Later, I was told that Comet ISON may pass near enough to our sun so that it may be damaged and possibly partially destroyed.


There’s a good chance that ISON will be incredibly bright and easily visible with the naked eye in the Northern Hemisphere in December. Before that, ISON’s journey involves a pass of the comet near Mars on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 and then a shot around the sun. It’s possible, apparently, that even the sun may be affected during the comet’s approach. Nobody is saying for sure until… more developed… I also received some links to another source regarding testimony of a former U.S. intelligence remote-viewer spy-guy psychic; a Major Ed Dames.

Then, additionally, there are rumors that ISON is actually more than one object. Also, you may perhaps even have read that ISON’s entry into our solar system may mark the approach of Planet X (see: Nibiru: Does Planet X Exist? or Nibiru cataclysm).

alleged orbit of Nibiru:

I’m not able to sort out the fact from fiction or exaggeration — but I don’t ignore educated people’s claims… and many (with credentials) claim that Planet X is traveling our way too as a mini-solar system (probably not with ISON; apparently as a separate system) including a brown dwarf that’s larger than Jupiter (our massive planet — about 318 times as big as the Earth).

Now, next, I thought, really — the previous post still was enough from me for now. Again, I’m not an expert in these areas and the data involved with these studies and projected possibilities from sources are not mainstream sources — and yet I am stimulated by the numerous articles and videos and also via e-mails.

Its my inclination to inquire about stories rather than belligerently ignore bizarre claims, so, I decided to pass on some of the information and to post related pages for you. The readership here is not easily fooled nor frightened — so, I wonder what you all think.

Oh, but before you reply, think about the next paragraph too.

In 2004, Psychic spy-guy, retired U.S. Army, Major Ed Dames announced on US radio (Coast to Coast AM) that a massive earthquake would strike Japan and a nuclear reactor would “break”, causing a “mini Chernobyl” or the worse nuclear disaster since then. Also in 2004, on Saturday July 17, 2004, Dames reported on the Coast to Coast radio program that he was certain “the next use of a nuclear weapon will be on the Korean peninsula.” He said the detonation of this nuclear device will usher us into World War III. According to Dames, the world will not remain at war because a series of solar flares will hit earth causing widespread destruction and that will put an end to the war and bring massive destruction upon Earth.

This all got my interest going. What do you think?

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There’s more if you have time:
I’m not planning to bury myself in a bunker either. Anything that happens in the solar system is something that I can’t control and while I do believe that we together are a powerhouse of consciousness, I’m not planning to call for any get together — I of course pray as always that we all will continue to always pray to follow God’s Will.

Here’s a cartoon that turned up some time ago in a message that I got following the Japan earthquakes.

There are always predictions about the end of the world floating about. So far, officially, this comet ISON data isn’t about that; not yet. Also of note, NASA scientists were claiming that Elenin is just a comet composed of icy space debris with negligible mass that will have little effect on the Earth. Meantime (apparently) on September 6, Elenin came into alignment with planets Mercury and Mars and there was a 6.6 earthquake in Sumatra and there were alignments (alleged) during the Japan earthquakes and others (UFO-blogger).

Hmm… what about this Major Dames? Oh my.

“NASA detects, tracks and characterizes asteroids and comets passing relatively close to Earth using both ground- and space-based telescopes. The Near-Earth Object Observations Program, commonly called “Spaceguard,” discovers these objects, characterizes a subset of them, and predicts their paths to determine if any could be potentially hazardous to our planet.” — according to NASA