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Prayer is essential for peace and serenity.

If I feel that I’m disturbed by a person/place/thing, then I train myself to pause and pray. There is something taking me away from God probably every time that I may ever get disturbed over a person/place/thing. My part in God’s Plan is to follow Spirit.

Prayer heals us so action, thought and attitude may align in Spirit.

When a person/place/thing is completely disturbing me, I must remove myself from that person/place/thing and turn towards my God. Otherwise, I will be turning from Him and then acting as god.

This time
I examine hate…
carefully with Spirit.

I can’t “hate” and “love” the same person/place/thing at the same time.

Hate is one of those emotions that I just can’t do.

So far, there are no known exceptions for myself. Hate proved an unacceptable solution in every case thus far in my life.

I conclude, a problem cannot be a solution. Hate is an action that stems from an attitude of superiority and thinking that is ungodly and hate is inhumanly extreme.

Luke 6:28 instructs to “bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”

Even if they don’t change, prayer changes me as I offer myself to God for His service. Possibly the antagonist may change if I can be freed of disturbance. In any case, prayer is necessary.

I pray for myself to accept what is and to receive in Spirit the solution for whatever is in my power to fix. When it has to do with people/places/things, often, I only can change myself. Being willing to surrender to God’s Will is the first step towards a solution to my problem. I expect that Spirit will guide me towards the thought and actions and attitudes that are the best solution. I recognize that the universe is tolerant of imperfections. Thus, I pray for the perfect solution. However, I know that there may probably be times when a situation won’t work out as I’d hope for.

I am to do my best and believing that we all are doing our best to do our best is usually helpful too.


Father, may they(name) come to know Jesus and allow your Spirit to minister to their deepest hurts and to transform them(name) into your children. Please help me to know and to follow Your Will for this situation.

Thanks for reading
(spiritual topics in a secular world),

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