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Dean Radin, 2006, Entangled Minds:
Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality

Program Description
In this interview Dr. Dean Radin talks with Merryn Jose about the topics of entanglement, psi phenomena in science, quantum physics and more! Dr. Radin is Laboratory Director at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California. He worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories and GTE Laboratories on telecommunications systems, and for nearly two decades he has conducted research on psychic phenomena in academia and in three Silicon Valley think tanks. At Stanford Research Institute he served as a scientist on a highly classified program investigating psi phenomena for the U.S. government. He is the author of The Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds and has appeared in the movie What The Bleep Do We Know?!- Down The Rabbit Hole Extended Director’s Cut. (Merlian News)

I want to share this additional find with you:

Program Description
Jill Price cannot forget anything in her life. This is a 20/20 investigative report about Jill and her condition known as hyperthymesia or highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM). The gift of a perfect memory remains a scientific mystery.

Hunt4TruthStairway2HeavenAs I’ve declared on my front page, “In my opinion there is a beginning and an end, but there is uncertainty in between. Its this in between where we find that we have a great need for each other. In the end we are all again one and there nothing is impossible.”

How can information be correlated at a distance without energy transferred between the two points? Do microscopic entanglements “scale up” into our macroscopic world? Is Jill’s memory related to the investigations being discussed by Radin with Merryn Jose (first video)?

Come back often as I seek expert opinions and to figure out these and other mysteries. Would you like to explore a unique perspective about time and consciousness here (because this is pretty wild stuff)?

Thanks for learning with me.


Dean Radin’s book “The Conscious Universe” was the winner of the 1997 Book Award from The Scientific and Medical Network. His work involves experiments to describe human consciousness, intuition, and psi phenomena. More on Radin: http://www.deanradin.com/NewWeb/bio.html

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