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Best of Muhammad Ali – The Greatest

Back in the mid 1960’s guess who might choose Ali when it comes to choosing a male hero. I did. Ali was so sharp and he was strong and he knew just how to brag and show himself prideful and yet be just a human being too. I really enjoyed his clowning, bragger, and his boxing ability — but it was the man’s heart that won my complete admiration. He was a hero in my book. I liked his pride — it really struck me the right way.


I was twelve when I first saw him fight as Cassius Clay — it was a bout with champion Sonny Liston — the monster, the bear — almost nobody was picking Ali — I was. I loved watching boxing back then and I just knew Ali was going to be the greatest that night. I could see that in him.

Sure enough, Ali was the greatest!

Here is the fight that I watched way back then…

Ali – beat the world CHAMPION

I’ve watched this a few times since back when I first saw the fight — there was only black and white TV then — we didn’t have HD and 3D movies and such. Some of us dreamed about equality and respect and dignity though. Even in those days in white families like mine living in a homogeneous small town in NH.

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