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I am thankful to accept



from SuzJones http://suzjones.wordpress.com/ Thank you Suz.

I will display the award on my sidebar and on this acceptance page.

Thanks to my mentors, Dave and Kevin for instilling in me the absolute truth that inner peace and serenity is absolutely necessary for spiritual awareness to grow in me and flow from me. Thanks to my friends and associates and my fellows that inspire serenity and inner peace by their examples. Marinating inner peace comes by work as you probably know. We should always celebrate this work and be thankful for any progress that we can make.

I am accepting this award knowing that I am one of the least of those that deserve to be honored by an award for efforts to nurture and foster inner peace. However, I am ecstatic too. Certainly I did cease to be the product of my misdirected youthful ways. I am humbled by the work of true leaders of spiritual growth and I will continue here to honor others. My blog daily is dedicated truth and to inner peace and I do love to honor others too that inspire inner peace and serenity.

I am of course also blessed and thankful that posts that I’ve collected here on wordpress may continue to inspire others.

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My next task then is to pass on the award… I haven’t been here long, so I’ll have to do some research before doing so. I will create another post with that announcement within a few weeks.

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