Whatever way that we begin, there is a beginning — willingness grows as we practice right-minded living… positive mood is as good a place to begin as most may find — the essential element, changing inner attitudes and the changing of behaviors is what is important. If we remain willing to improve then progress leads and we are on the right-minded road to inner peace and perhaps becoming a beacon for peaceful and serene living is then something that sparks in us — this is noticed and the world around us begins to present attention differently and compassion and new challenges become the norm. Staying in the positive is a daily activity that profoundly may then continuously change a person. I do waver in this way… God’s Will is what I seek and I believe that it is His happiness that I receive thereby by turning my will over to Him. ~ Eric



More Happy Me

Research suggests that the positive effects of a pleasant activity, such as listening to happy music, can be enhanced by consciously exerting effort to feel happier.

To test the effects of explicit intentions to increase happiness, two similar studies were performed. In the first study, 167 participants were randomly assigned to one of two experimental conditions1:

  • The 79 Participants in the High-Intention group were instructed to consciously try to improve their mood while listening to classical music. They were told that in previous studies of classical music, psychologists had found that only those participants who consciously exerted effort to feel happier saw any benefit to their moods.
  • The 80 participants in the Low-Intention group were asked to listen to the classical music and to relax without trying to consciously improve their mood. Further, they were told that psychologists have found that people’s positive moods only increased when they…

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