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we deeply feel the pain of this… horror. praying for the families and aid workers and that supplies will be where needed.


The beginning of the eight day of the super typhoon’s victims in the worst hit areas is a bit hopeful. Today, massive distribution of relief will be underway. Most of the people in far-flung areas will be reached as promised by government agencies.

Foreign aid workers continue to arrive with more shipments of relief packages. Most of them have concrete ideas on how to effect a quicker effort to service more of the needy.

However, the concentration of relief efforts seemed to surround only two provinces and nearby localities. What about other less damaged areas where people, too, loss loved ones and properties? They also need assistance from the government.

In the last few days, I watched the news and only once I saw a report about Coron, Palawan. It is part of our region and it took heavy damage when super typhoon Yolanda made its sixth landfall. It looked…

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