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I’ve not ever thought of myself as dead or been a follower of the most notable Grateful Dead. However, yesterday, I posted a musical piece by Avenged Sevenfold and it was because the music and the artists had me thinking good things — even though the Goth-punkishness is honestly a bit repulsive — I looked into and beyond that and I noticed His Love. I recalled my mentor’s patience with me — his desiring for me to find the divine love of God’s intentions for me.

GinghoI recalled that I’d had to “fake it to make it.”

So, I’m grateful today — for any that are faking it to make it. I’m praying that you will come into His Love. I’m praying that your consciousness will come into mending and healing. I’m prayerful that honest, open, willingness will settle gently into the hearts and spirit of any that notice that to ask is to receive.

Grateful Dead: touch of grey

Program Description
Grateful Dead perform Touch of Grey at the Bill Graham Memorial Concert “Laughter, Love, and Music” in San Francisco, CA in 1991

Here is the entire concert:

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Some Churches observe November as a month
to pray for the dead — the feast of All Souls.