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This is perfect timing for those that need a computer for school and for travel — the ultra fast (but small) hard drive is virtually indestructible. This computer is not for compiling music and video downloads… the drive is way to small. Use the home computer for that. This is ideal for those that move around lots and need to access networks on the go.


With its new $200 Chromebook, Acer finally gets what these browser-based laptops are all about.

Chromebooks are meant to get onto the web as quickly as possible, so it was puzzling that last year’s $200 Acer Chromebook shipped with a 320 GB hard disk drive. Solid-state storage is faster and more reliable, and as I wrote earlier this week, the fact that Chrome OS can fit on a 16 GB solid-state drive is one of its main advantages over cheap Windows laptops. Although a smaller solid-state drive won’t hold nearly as many photos or videos, that’s not much of a concern if you’re using a Chromebook as a secondary computer.

Acer’s new $200 Chromebook drops the hard disk drive for a 16 GB solid-state drive. It’s also much thinner and ligher than last year’s model, weighing 2.76 pounds and measuring 0.75 inches thick.

In fact, this new model is…

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