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I recently received the Liebster Blogger Award.
Liebster Blog Award “Dearest” (hunt4truth.wordpress.com)

Now, its time to pass the award forward.
Here are my selections: 

http://openlifeup.wordpress.com/about/ OpenLife72
http://writerreaderthinkerdreamer.wordpress.com/ Gabby
http://goodstewardship4life.wordpress.com/ Mel
http://sideofheart.wordpress.com/ blacktarheart √
http://belsbror.wordpress.com/ Bel’s brother √
http://ptero9.com/ Debra √
http://digitalgranny.wordpress.com/ Ruth √

To accept the award and for increasing awareness of a few more great bloggers, please do the following variation of the rules:

    • Accept the award by posting the logo on your site, thanking and linking back to your nominator (https://hunt4truth.wordpress.com/2013/11/16/liebster-blog-award-to/). One doesn’t have to participate, but what does it hurt?
    • Explain the rules of the award (like this post).
    • Answer a set of questions asked of you by your nominator.
    • Select (nominate) blogs you wish to recognize (with 200 WordPress followers or less), notifying them by commenting on their site.
    • Interview your nominees with a set of 10 questions.

Here are the questions for your acceptance:

1. What does blogging do for you?
2. What blogger(s) feed your soul? How-or-Why?
3. What is your favorite subject (category) to blog about?
4. What post of yours means the most to you? How-or-Why?
5. What about you will be most instrumental in God’s eternal plan for you, whatever that may be?
6. What are you most passionate about in ministry and/or life in general?
7. If your writing were discovered a thousand years from now, what would people learn about you, today’s world, and your interests?
8. Talk about meeting your favorite Bible character (not Jesus).
9. Describe your writing process for something that moves you deeply.
10. Describe your perfect day out — with who, what, where, why — etc.

Here is the award — copy it into your media library and post it on your blog. Let me know if you need tips on how to do any of that. CONGRATULATIONS! YAY!

Liebster Award


Thanks for blogging…

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