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This is my very favorite instrumental artistic rendition of Amazing Grace.
I wish I could change up some the images. I love some of them.

Youtube watch?v=bfmJ17FYHMU

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CLICK to explore a 3-D Galaxy Map

3DGalaxyMap is a 3D representation of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. It contains an overview map of the Milky Way Galaxy, as seen from above and a map of the Orion Arm (where our Sun is located) showing its major structures. The Orion Arm map is divided into navigable 10 parsec sectors, where you can explore stars. It contains a total of 142.278 known stars, 478 planets, 1855 pulsars, 31 disks and 14 black holes. Planet, pulsar and multiple stars’ orbits can be observed by increasing and decreasing the speed. You can rotate/zoom/pan within each of the scenes for a better view.

Santana –  Soul Sacrifice
from 1969 at Woodstock

Carlos Santana – Guitar
Gregg Rolie – Keyboards, Organ
David Brown –  Bass
Michael Shrieve – Drums
Michael Carabello – Percussion, Congas
Jose Areas – Percussion, Congas


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