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Bloggers for Peace is a group of hundreds of individuals from around the world who have committed to publishing at least one (1) post per month promoting peace or the idea of peace. These posts might be creative stories, articles, photographs, videos, poems, memes, art  or interpretive medium.

Bloggers for Peace is a community effort. I display the image (below) on some of my posts and on my sidebar in support of their efforts and in support of people and communities and of governments working towards peaceful and civil solutions to problems including policing and defending rights and territories and so on.

Bloggers For Peace

What makes maintaining peace extraordinary?

Well, lots of problems crop up and one is quickness to settle for Peace or Freedom. Both peace and freedom require that parties come to mutual agreement to include peace and freedom in their solutions. In other words, one man’s peace is another man’s chaos and thus, someone is out for defending or attacking another party to preserve freedoms.

You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don’t ever count on having both at once.

Robert A. Heinlein,
American Science Fiction Writer

I like to think that there are few exceptions to it that peace is an absolute need that trumps war — and that I’m not by myself the expert on what everyone needs to live in peace and to maintain freedom — and that it really requires making do sometimes or developing dialog and so forth. Living with others is always work. I hope that you’ll consider making a simple commitment to post one article each month to promote peace. Positive promotes positive — we need positive dialog to emerge in troubled places. Peace can increase if people can make just a little more time to promote positive dialog and news about issues and process.

Thanks for visiting.

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