This is interesting — and — a perspective on addictions that I’ve not seen before. I wonder what others may say — think we are best to make conscious choices about what we believe and what we’d be liking to get in line for more of –> Self-Deception and Defiance –> not really… Following proven directions for success is good — but really the broken ego mind is needy too — I have to take some time with thinking things through with a mentor sometimes. Thanks for posting this essay Ursula — its thought-full. ~ Eric DNA senses



An Upturned Soul


Sisyphus by Franz von Stuck


To me all addictions and habits are a mix of benefit and detriment, and sometimes telling the difference between which part is beneficial and which is detrimental is tricky, especially if you listen to other people’s opinions and judgments about something and their words become louder than your own.

Taking the word of others as being the final say could also fall under the category of addiction. They may be right, they may seem wise, authoritative, an expert, they’ve done the work of researching, studying and thinking, they’ve had the experience, been there done that, and are now sharing their opinion, loudly and proudly.

Maybe you agree with them based on your own experience and thought.

But if you agree with them because they share their words with forceful conviction, making you feel that they know more than you do, more than you will…

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