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Ut-Oh… the world is a mess!

Is it too late for us?

It’s a crisis!
What to do?

Program Description
New discoveries may change the way we think about everything from our personal relationships to civilization itself. Gregg Braden discusses how the world has been built on false assumptions that originate in a time that is no more — and how important it is now to reconnect to who we really are and to redefine our relationship to the earth and to others.

Gregg often discusses need for a transition from traditional Western — thinking — to making decisions from the heart. Greg teaches that belief waves emanate from our hearts when we align thought, emotion and feelings — properly putting this puzzle together to come into acceptance that the experiences are blessings. He says that the heart has no ego. Thus, our strength is in finding ways to view experiences through the heart without concluding as the ego may be inclined to do that what has happened is good or bad, or right or wrong.

What about negative feelings, emotions, and beliefs and how these experiences of negativity affect what we are? Are you able to count every experience as a blessing — even the uncomfortable experiences?

We may feel whatever it is that the universe gives us to feel. The challenge of negative emotions is to acknowledge the feelings are signs of something of the universe that is inviting examination. LadderIntoUniverseThey are otherwise problems that if unresolved become experiences that attract negativity. Willingness to fully acknowledge uncomfortable experiences as a blessing is powerfully transformational.

Why do I feel this way?  What is this saying that it feels uncomfortable? What was I thinking? What emotion is this? Can I bless the things that hurt me? Can I see each experience as a blessing?

When thought, feelings, and emotion are aligned, there is a doorway that opens; the power to create. The key is willingness to examine the thought, emotion and feelings and to feel blessed and peaceful acceptance. Creating in joy follows from this.

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