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I love animals. I’d probably have loved to be a trainer — well, maybe — if it really is as much fun as I believe, then I’d have liked that I think.

Robin Williams met with my online favorite animal buddy — Koko the Talking Gorilla.

Program Description
Robin Williams met with her, has a tickle fight with Koko, and she checks his id.

The next video includes some colorful language and sexual talk. Here is what Robin Williams said about his visit.

Laughing-chimp-gif-animationFrom what I can find, researchers report evidence that human love for animals dates back perhaps as much as 100,000 years. Love of other animals is not strictly a human trait and I’ll come back to that in another post. However, our human capacity to relate to the mental states of others is key to human fascination with animals. 

Domesticating animals too made good economical sense. Since the dawning of human interaction with animals we’ve increasingly sophisticated social exchanges with one another. 

This post really was more for a break from the seriousness of my week. I hope it was entertaining. Do you have pets? I believe that pets help people feel the love. If people would have a pet, I hope it is for and with love.

December is self-improvement month at this blog — let’s all get in touch with our best true selves and make this our month to end the year at our best. I’ll feature lots of content to improve the inner and outer us. Check back frequently.

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