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The Secret Behind The Secret ~ Abraham Hicks ~ The Law of Attraction


GinghoAre you as happy and successful as you’d like to be? If you are like most people, you can be happier and more successful. The past isn’t important.

The future begins now.

December 2013 — my month to post all about getting success and happiness — ethically and morally too.

Progress may require time. You can find the time. Whatever you need is always available.

Abraham (Hicks) is actually not per-say a person as we understand (define) person. As I understand this, Abraham represents the alignment of Ester Hicks with her source energy — her aligning energy — her matrix (vortex)… Ester’s inner self is as I understand this, like an onion — it expands and grows in layers.

I don’t care really how this is described. My only reservation came in the before of listening to this and many-many other programs — that reservation then was that Abraham is non-physical — and it took me many-many months to decide that Abraham’s offerings via Ester is real and okay by me and that this isn’t in any way contradictory for me in my Christian practice.

I worship God and I still think of the process of my spiritual growth as a practice of bringing my failings to the Lord and via the Holy Spirit, experiencing the corrections and thus becoming holy and holy and holy. It took me many-many months before I would put any of these and other programs on my blog because I am Christian and I remain Christian and shall for all of my life. I am 100% sure (more so always).

I love science of the whole universe and of the quantum universe (field) and I love people that are genuine and wholesome. This is how it came to be that I looked at Gregg Braden, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer and others that I put here in my blog pages. They too wanted to discover how their spirit may manifest in a wholesome manner the love of God in our physical universe.

Here is a great example (next video) of the work to help a man get it that he has choices about how he feels and that his choices allow him to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally from a peaceful acceptance towards greater awareness in an expanding reality that he is co-creating with the invigorating loving energy that he is able to connect with from his work (when he merges with all that he is).



December is self-improvement month at this blog — let’s all get in touch with our best true selves and make this our month to end the year at our best. I’ll feature lots of content to improve the inner and outer us. Check back frequently.

New post Eric

The Secret
Did Rhonda Byrne actually use
the Emerald Tablet as her source
for The Secret or was it
Abraham Hicks?

You can guess what I think.
Rhonda’ll never tell!