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Stephanie has the most wonderful affirmations pages. God bless you Stephanie! Thank you so much for making your gratitude public. ~ Eric


Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, value the sharing of my energy effortlessly, as I value the sun sharing it’s energy, easily, freely and naturally. I believe my natural state is to be generous, kind and cooperative. So today I do my best to connect, to my innocent inner self that knows all hearts are joined as one. I reach deeply into my heart so that I can love the pain as well as the pleasure. I realize that I incarnated to allow myself to salve all of consciousness, by being responsible for my thoughts, feelings and responses, to the stimulus called life. I practice responding with kindness as my base intention. The more I practice joyously making a mess and joyously cleaning it up the better every cell of my body feels. I resonate with joy for all to feel.
Today I am grateful for being able to manage my emotional…

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