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“How do I feel” and “What do I need?” keeps things nice and simple – what is in the way of my joy? Am I okay with what I am doing, saying, feeling — whatever it takes — take the little bit of action that gets me out of my defeat — life can become a jumble of conflicts if that is what I allow the ego-mind to make of the present. Someone once said “Life is a gift – enjoy the present.” or was it: “Today is a gift – that’s why we call it a present.” I’m presently working on what Karol Ward is writing about in this reblogged post. I enjoyed reading it and I decided to follow http://bringingupbuddhas.com/ too. ~ Eric



Woodland Stream and natural dam 2

Unexpressed emotional needs are like a stream that gets blocked by fallen branches forming a dam. Eventually the water behind the dam finds its way over or around the blockage and the stream continues on. When you don’t acknowledge what you need, either to yourself or to another person, the emotions don’t go away. They either get expressed indirectly or can show up in your body as physical symptoms: headaches, ulcers, teeth-grinding, etc. These painful physical signals show the effort the body goes through to manage unexpressed feelings.

As a side note, I do want to clarify that some physical symptoms are not emotionally based, and all should be discussed with your medical or wellness practitioner.

In my experience as a therapist, unexpressed emotions continue to knock at the door of our conscious minds, waiting to be released. Maybe your needs to have more rest, more fun or to get support are being ignored. Perhaps…

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