I like this onion-layers concept — a protection gets hardened into a layer covering vulnerability and becomes a character defect — interesting. It isn’t always painful, I think. In fact, I often enjoy getting attuned with a softer-gentle kinder me.

~ Eric



Dear Human,

I can’t say all, but I can say behind MOST ugly there is indeed something beautiful just waiting to be found.

I can’t say all, but I can say behind MOST pain there is indeed a relief that can be experienced.

I can’t say all, but I can say behind MOST sadness there is indeed a joy waiting to be discovered.

As you live LIFE, you actually develop layers around the center pearl of your
essence – or as some refer to it, your soul. They are initially developed to protect your heart and mind. Some of these layers present themselves in the form of self-deception, excessive egoism, vanity, jealousy, arrogance, haughtiness, lies and basically any negative characteristic that you develop as a product of your environment and life “experiences”.

LIFE however loves you so much that it causes the outer layers to get punctured, withered or bruised; requiring…

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