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Rubella, or German measles, is most dangerous to your baby if you catch it during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. Rubella can cause miscarriage, stillbirth or debilitating birth defects. Defects at birth may progressively cause future damage to a growing child. I read about this as my second son was about to be born. My wife had contracted rubella in her first trimester. Our son was breach and midwives took over and I was sitting there in shock already. The birthing suite contained medical apparatus for emergency situations – it was already known that my wife had contracted rubella – we’d been strongly advised to terminate the pregnancy when she was still less than 16 weeks along. My wife could not. Anyway, I picked up her medical chart and thumbed through it. I thought it might ease my frights. No chance – this chart contained a complete description of the horrors that were highly likely to occur. I won’t go into all of it – most of the same information I read happened to Linda’s brother Curtis (link).

I was now deeply in awe of my wife’s resolving to have been going through this and I was telling myself to breath as the midwives were assisting with the birth. I prayed. We’d prayed together during the entire pregnancy and I’ll share about that maybe another time. My son was born – completely healthy – huge at 11 pounds 1 ounce and over 23 inches long. He is a grown man today and he’s never had damage from the rubella. A week or so after his birth, my wife and I learned from a follow-up visit that the placenta had been analyzed and that it had been extensively infected with the rubella.

When I read about the troubles and triumphs here at wordpress – I count my blessings.

We all will in some way suffer. Yet, we all in some way will grow. I pray that our progress will bring us all home to God’s Loving embrace. I see in my heart’s eye that all suffering is as though there were never any such thing within God’s Love. I pray that you too may see that this is so.
~ Eric


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(warning: contains disturbing, graphic content)

My brother was born in the 1960s at a time when children with disabilities as extensive as my brother’s (Rubella Syndrome, cleft palate, severely developmentally delayed, legally blind, hearing impaired, heart condition, etc.) were placed in institutions at the “suggestion” of their doctors. Without knowing the specifics, all I knew was that my mother was devastated and took to her bed sobbing, my father very angry and was rarely home, and my brother cried all of the time because he could not eat through the gaping hole which was supposed to be his mouth.

My mom chose not to follow the doctor’s “orders”, which was highly unusual for her because she was a person who NEVER disobeyed authorities. Yet, she knew in her broken, sad heart that “putting him away” was not the right thing to do. Even if her life was changed forever, Curtis…

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