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Consciousness poses a most baffling problem in science of the mind. Oh well, I move onward — here is how… loving thoughts bring, with loving energy, loving feelings and loving emotion. It isn’t science. It works though.

My purpose for blogging is to: write, share, enjoy, grow, and transform. Each visitor that I get to know contributes and thus, changes this experience with me. You are all as important to the experience as are the entire collection of my work and play here.

Its a discovery process.

We may each send out Ripples of Blessings, Ripples of Social Justice, Ripples of Goodness, Ripples of Peace, and Ripples of Loving-Kindness — sending these past any barriers and over or around any boundaries to merge with the ripples of other waves of other positive ripples. 

Let’s contemplate… watch this:


Program Description
Drop a pebble in a still pond and watch the ripple travel out on an ever expanding wave ring.

This video, The Ripple Effect is rooted in the belief that we are all connected by our shared Humanity. Two well known principles of physics are Wave Theory and Entrainment. Wave Theory: a wave will continue to travel out, never changing its initial shape or frequency and when two waves intersect each other, the height of the effect is the sum of the heights of the two individual waves. Entrainment: the tendency for two vibrating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony.

For more on The Ripple Effect, visit: HumanityHealing.Net

The Goal of Humanity Healing™ is to make a lasting difference for positive change by supporting Humanitarian efforts that create sustainable solutions for the World’s problems — through a multifaceted approach of organizing Good Works, Education and Promoting Spiritual growth; mutual respect and understanding.

The Pond is the World

Your Heart is the Pebble

Drop a pebble of positive intention into the still pond and watch patiently the ripple travel out in an ever expanding ring.

Humanity Healing Copyright 11 December 2007


Gingho - a rescue dog by my son has a nice home and family now.My work is to love God with all that I can muster and to reflect love. Its my responsibility to want this. I like to keep this simple when I can. So, I’ll outline my process just a bit.

I refer to my early training — here is an example:

Romans 13:8–10
Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,” “You shall not murder,” “You shall not steal,” “You shall not covet,” and whatever other command there may be, are summed up in this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

It is simple; a huge challenge as well. By my understanding, God is divine pure love. Jesus provided ample examples of this. 

Here is another simple thing I do.

I needn’t be concerned with what others choose to believe — if there may be a suitable exception, it will be quite rare. As I become more accepting, I tend not to attract much resistance to me being genuine.

Progress in practice of love is simple too — the divine nature of consciousness that is inclusive of positive events and positive others is accepting of all else too. I’m not explaining God though. God needn’t be explained. We simply ought to seek to be love as best we may by the best examples and by daily spiritual commitment to further growth. This means daily to accept what is — even if, sometimes, at first, this is unacceptable. We are not in a position of authority over the happenings and the people.

I do my best to focus on what is mine to influence or to change and to leave the rest be as is. Most of what is happening is beyond my influence and control. So, this is simple — but — not easy.

For example, from a human perspective, I’ll clarify that this is simple for me to understand — whatever austere theology or rigid scientific view may level at me, and whatever negative pronouncement may come my way, and whatever may seem abhorrent at first; these all too contribute toward opportunities for my positive growth. Come what may, my reactive discomfort is of my making whenever I disconnect myself consciously or accidentally from loving grace. Of course, also though, I am limited by general health, functional ability and wellness of my body and mind.

The last thing that I need to describe is also simple. I am to stay on task. This occurs when I can be at peace — inner peace. Its simple, but this is where I put in the greatest effort because its tricky in that the variety of experiences and the practices of others may become a distraction. I am to be responsible to live up to my end of the arrangement. This requires simple self-assessment tools to stay on task.

Now, I still am learning about making and keeping accurate self-assessments. That is a process. It requires daily activity and inner peace and some action. I have some guidelines that I use. For example, I perform activities such as follow. 

What do I want (assessment)?

Physical: body awareness, dissolve body tension, smooth unstable energy highs and lows, smooth stress-related disturbances, resolve homeostasis issues (blood pressure for instance), improve heart health, reduce or eliminate pains, improve fitness and athletic performance, eliminate toxins, improve health of skin and hair, etc.

Mental: Clear focus on love and of corresponding daily objectives and even long-term goals, improving mental concentration, increasingly able to press pause or reset to soften negativity and self-serving thought patterns, lessening of self-criticism and of judgments of others, awaken to expansive loving compassion, slipping from any limiting beliefs and patterns, etc.

Emotional: Notice feelings and corresponding thoughts. Ride through any resistance to painful emotion. Make plans to clear sadness, anger, fear and hurt from the mind and body.

Spiritual: Increasingly focus on the present moment; deepen invisible connection with infinite loving God-consciousness, allow with detachment to awaken loving intuition. Plan to clear the barriers to loving myself and others — surrender to God-consciousness universal support.


What tools are there for facilitation of inner peace and loving being?

    • Conscious breathing practices may usually bring sharpened awareness and healthful benefits as well
    • Increase in-the-moment awareness
    • Meditation (and mindfulness) activities (search my prior presentations), prayer if religious, and productive solitude
    • Proper rest and exercise
    • Maintain a positive outlook
    • Set goals and objectives
    • Increase spontaneity and appreciating of others
    • Help others and seek to solve problems (fully)
    • Brainwave Entertainment: a practice that may cause brainwave frequencies to fall in step with a stimulus of a particular frequency — may be useful for matching corresponding frequency to intended brain-state (for example, perhaps to induce restful and peaceful sleep)  — generally attempted by use of specialized music or software. [Investigate this (Google: “brainwave entertainment music free” or “brainwave entertainment software free”) — greatly sharpens awareness over time.]


What action is good?

I do my best to put into the world the best of me. I do my best to stick to healthy objectives, sharing, and to be a source for comfort and compassionate empathy. I am imperfect and sometimes needy. Still, I do my best usually.

There are lots of thoughts that pass by and some seem momentarily disturbing, exciting or entertaining or satisfying of a base need — they all may pass by — a life of loving action includes allowing many thoughts just to pass by; knowing the path of my way is to be from the heart.

We may each send out Ripples of Blessings, Ripples of Social Justice, Ripples of Goodness, Ripples of Peace, and Ripples of Loving-Kindness. Language from heart is not exactly English and the translation from heart mind into English is a challenge.

I hope that this post is useful for you or someone that you know. I pray that all will know moments of divine inner peace and that you may join me and others at The Ripple Effect.


Some believe it is best to fight when they are right against what is wrong. Maybe; I recommend reading this: Us and Them

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