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aMatrix.bodyI recall Alan Watts saying that “you cannot go to the place where you are now.” Every memory is a recalling. Even recalling just a few hours ago is a reconstruction of then – eternal life – eternal now – no-conception; non-conceived. It so easy its impossible. I love Eastern dialogs on being non-being. I rebloged a post a bit ago: https://hunt4truth.wordpress.com/2013/12/29/meditate-until-you-see-yourself-in-a-speck-of-dust-in-a-distant-galaxy/ too – it gave a me a belly laugh. It was such a delight to find it. My resolution for the New Year is to let go and be. Perhaps next year I will advance to be non-being. ~ Eric


Buddhism in Daily Life

meditating on rockThere are many breathing meditations, and one popular version involves breathing out our disturbing thoughts, distractions, problems etc. in the form of thick smoke and breathing into our heart happiness and blessings in the form of light.*

I find it can be very useful to target this breathing meditation against specific delusions or problems that I’m having, and to breathe in their opponent positive state of mind. It works for any delusion, eg, love vs hatred, renunciation vs attachment, rejoicing vs jealousy. I’ll explain one way I do below, here based on reducing our miserliness and increasing our generosity, its opposite … the meditation is guided below.

First I remind myself that delusions are just thoughts, they have no arms or legs as Shantideva points out, so only harm me insofar as I insist on thinking them, following them, buying into them.

All our thoughts arise from the…

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