I love living in solutions and solving problems with the solution for all of life’s problems – it’s love. Thanks Michele. ~ Eric


Life as a Garden

The name of my blog, “Life as a Garden” is about living our life the way we care for a garden. Strong healthy gardens start with the soil. Good soil will produce strong healthy plants. We carefully plant, water and weed day in and day out. We make sure there is enough sun, and get rid of the pests. We watch over this garden doing whatever needs to be done to produce good crops. But when it pertains to our own life we are sometimes careless gardeners. We need to treat our life as if it were a garden. And just like a garden, it’s a daily ritual. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could go through a day, or even a whole week without feeling fear, guilt, regret and longing? It would be great not having one or all of these feelings bubble up to the top and flow over…

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