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Please add God’s servant David into your prayers. Thank you all so much. ~ Eric

Dedicated Faith

Grace and peace to my brethren, and thanks to our Father in Heaven through His Son Jesus Christ who ever lives to make intercession on our behalf, whom He has redeemed to be a royal priesthood unto Himself.

I need to bring a personal prayer request to all of you: this morning I woke up and a quarter of my vision in my left eye is gone.  And by my estimate, it seems to be maybe getting worse.  I’ll be visiting an optical center tomorrow morning, but there is pressure in my eye, when I am exposed to light, it flushes the rest of my vision, and my eyes are not tracking together anymore.

just got a new job here that would support us and help pay for some of the ministry work we’re doing (literally, today would’ve been my 3rd day on training).  The manager said he thinks…

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