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Is your heart energizing you?


Powerful techniques for a peaceful mind

The ego rules… but modern living makes it a handicap… we need a heart…


A Mind with Heart overcomes
the Illusion of Separation and
sees the connection in all things.

A Mind with Heart has access
to infinite energy, intelligence,
and Source.

A Mind with Heart receives inner guidance
and experiences inner peace.

A Mind with Heart creates a world
of abundance, happiness, and well being.

source: Metaphysics for Life
The next video is a preview
of online training that is available.


Heart Intelligence is a higher form of
intelligence that can be accessed by the
Mind via the Heart.

Heart Intelligence can be accessed
using simple practices and intentions
that create a state called “heart coherence.”

The human heart emits an
electromagnetic field that surrounds the
entire body and extends at least fifteen
feet in every direction.  This field sends
signals to every cell in the body, affecting
physical, mental, and emotional health
and well being.

Humans that intentionally create heart
coherence in their own field have an
impact upon their own health and well
being.  Creating heart coherence also
has a positive impact upon those around


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