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God’s truth always comes in layers – stages – more follows from some. Yet, cessation of suffering may not be done with because we live in reverse of our spiritual needs. We seek to satisfy our instinctual drives and we forego being loving and authentic.

Gingho - a rescue dog by my son has a nice home and family now.Why when we turn away from God at all and then sometimes we may even be so bold as to deny that we KNOW He loves us? Its fear.

Deep down, when a person begins to fathom that God is love, its strange… therefore, we live here in the universe that supports what is opposed to love. Its strange. Yet it makes perfect sense. The world of us almost to a one turn away from God’s will during the normal — even during the absolutely normal days.

Well, we most of us are in the same boat — its inking before we come to our senses. Some of us are going to get on our knees and say some fox hole prayer and or not even do that much and expect it all to be okay.

The human without God is riddled by fear – some cover it with hardness and they are just awful – you know that well, I am sure – others are working hard to be gentle and courteous and peaceful and less worldly but doing it alone. Today, I want to play a song and leave just a glimmer of something to think about. Its Monday; we are back at work and this is a no stress morning and day I pray.

The human without God is riddled by fear. Its not necessary.

I found the second video first – but I didn’t listen to her speak… I loaded it again after finding the first one … its WAY better that I did; Now, I am crying… a good cry it is… Thanks to Heather for mentioning the song.

It seems very strange actually to me that very brilliant men and women of science tend to miss the very most essential observations with so much time for them to see what is shown by God in a flash – His presence.

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