Thanks for caring – God bless us – every one. ~ Eric

Godly Stewardship


This article from the Guardian released a couple days ago revealed that Oxfam reported that 85 of the richest people in this world presently own as much as the 3.85 BILLION of the poorest.

Just 85. EIGHTY-FIVE individuals. Thus is not even a hundred!!! Need I say more?

Three years ago, God really challenged and opened my heart towards those living poverty. To be honest, I don’t exactly know how He wants me to help but I remembered seeing a picture of me handing out food to women and children as I was praying. In fact, I could still remember the picture I saw that time!! Don’t know where the men was..don’t think I saw any men…!

Perhaps because I also have a heart for women and girls who have been abused? I’m not sure!

You know, many of us- my self included live very sheltered lives. Whenever I go…

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