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Zen Flash

May 11, 2013 

Flickr-buddha-WonderlaneEden Kozlowski, Contributor
Waking Times

As a lover and teacher of meditation and mindfulness, I see the adverse affects of stress everyday in my clients – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am witnessing more and more that any moments of awareness we can give ourselves during the day can be powerful and place us swiftly into a calmer and more connected place. This can happen whether you decide to do a 20-minute meditation OR simply take a second to notice what is around you with awareness and clarity. Big steps or lil’ steps; they are all steps.

Here are four simple exercises to bring some mindfulness and calmness to you right now:

  1. Stop and feel gratitude for one thing in your life. First, think about it in detail, then pause, and place your left hand on your heart to feel it. When I say feel it…

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