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I’ve actually never met a person (adult) that would speak with me for more than just a few minutes and then reject that my faith (for me) is real (for me). I’ve only convinced one person that God is real and that is because his very own experiences were the proof (for we both). I’ve helped plenty of people keep their faith – and I mean that there is a God of some sort – a source that exists independently of creation and that there is a source for all energy and matter and anything in between.

ON a few occasions I’ve discussed that God may possibly or even probably be independent of the creation source.

I’VE met plenty of people that reject their churches and religions – especially Christians.

I’VE never met anyone that can show me that knowledge isn’t about making choices. Knowledge is something that we acquire by making the choices that we do. In fact, I have been shown on areas of my knowledge that I am wrong – clearly and simply wrong. am not all knowing but I do understand that the knowledge that we believe to be true may in fact be faulty, lacking, or even all wrong.

C. S. LEWIS certainly spent a great deal of time exploring beliefs and faith and he put into his work ways for readers from children to adult to explore faith and the wonders of the creator from within the creation.
LEWIS discovered for himself, the source of his thinking. He discovered for himself that he was a director of sorts; directing thoughts by choices that he’d make. He apparently discovered for himself the depth of feeling that took him from one perspective to another. He warned about feelings: “Don’t bother too much about your feelings. When they are humble, loving, brave, give thanks for them; when they are conceited, selfish, cowardly, ask to have them altered. In neither case are they you, but only a thing that happens to you. What matters is your intentions and your behavior.” and he made his choice: “Feelings, and feelings, and feelings. Let me try thinking instead.”
KNOWLEDGE is not the director and neither are the senses. We use these but feelings are the director of our thoughts. Thinking is of the body-mind and is in my experience the way of foolishness and fear avoidance. I must be willing to examine my feelings in the light of the complete understanding of my failings… or, my thinking is likely to convince me that someone else is the blame.

WHEN Lewis made his decision known about how he believes about feelings, I believe he laid bare his greatest flaw as a spiritual teacher. He wasn’t in my opinion surrendered to God. Feelings are the basis for everything that humans think. Asking to have them altered when they are unpleasant (self-help) isn’t in my opinion a realistic approach to dealing with troublesome feelings. The senses are helpful to perceive differently. The desire to change is helpful as well.

HOWEVER we evolve this beyond where we’ve gotten, there needs be a solution for living.

For the present; WE need spiritual manuals for living.
MOSTLY our Christian services do not address this need.
I am all for reading the Bible, going to Church, knowing about the lives of the Biblical figures, and worship, praise, and prayer. I add for myself meditation as well. I add for myself getting to stillness of my brain and body. Mine is getting old and I was somewhat abusive to myself for most of my youth – so, I am sure that younger fitter people may even have much more profound experiences that I. However, my experiences are profound indeed.

I rely most upon a solution for living – it is love – it is a feeling, a belief, a skill, a knowledge, an imagination – it is authentic, and it sharpens balance in me.

Explore faith or science and both – but look for something. It is by having a goal that we may direct the thoughts and have the experience of authentic feelings that make thinking joyous and freeing.

FREEDOM from rigid beliefs is more necessary today that ever before in history, I think. The explosion of access to information and ideas is confusing modern cultures. If people take up thinking and reject feeling, I shudder.
I’m sure that rebelliousness is not a thing only of the past.
The fragmented understandings of reality that groups of peoples follow are dangerous to all of humanity in this age of technology – not just as an isolated rebelliousness – globally.

WE’VE come to the time of globalization and we are yet primitive.
Humans do not have a course for globalization.

The future is something that we shape in each moment. The past is something that holds for us great lessons.

IF we as individuals are ruled by any negativity, we will miss the mark.
THE mark is in the solution – it is love.

THERE is nothing greater than love.
GOD (source) is Pure Love.
THIS is where I say we must place our faith.

SCIENCE, religion, individual teachers of various faith messages, and so on – do us some authentic good – Be love. It takes only giving some to find more.
~ Eric


Bryan Patterson's Faithworks

From a sermon by the late great Dr. John Claypool

I think one of our big problems is that we’ve never really understood clearly the nature of faith. As I was growing up, I thought that faith was the opposite of knowing. I was like the little boy that C.S. Lewis talks about who says, “Faith is having to believe something that you know ain’t so.” That is, it’s embracing something that’s contrary to all of the ways that you encounter reality.

But faith is not an alternative to knowing. Faith rightly understood is yet another avenue to knowing. By the grace of creation, we have been given so many ways of interacting with the outside world. We are, as someone has said, a wonderfully porous creature.

When I was in the second grade, my teacher said, “I want to teach you this afternoon about the different ways that you…

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