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I love science. However, I do believe that science is meant to hold hands with faith and the two ought in my opinion be like dear friends. Popping off against one or the other just seems wrong to me. Love this post though Shaun. ~ Eric

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My previous articles discuss how we can change our own brains (as God intends) to improve on being compassionate loving men and women.

I myself fix my sights on being loving right here;
but I am sure there is a place called Heaven for those that believe.

Here are a couple of guys that say there is an afterlife and heaven is real:

Stephen Hawking, eminent physicist says: no god; nor is there fate; no heaven. He is stating an opinion for effect – for press time. He is misusing his position to stir up controversy. Here is an article based on real facts of science that proves that science cannot support even one of Hawking’s claims…

How the Universe Works (in 25 minutes) 

Science looks into the possibility of an afterlife; perhaps mostly because knowing about an afterlife is compelling for some of us. Also, how our universe works is important for many areas of scientific inquiry. How does scientific research occur? Scientific research begins with someone that has empirical evidence and a theory… often, theories lead to finding of more facts… new discoveries bring about new theories. It’s a process. Meantime, evidence is amassing that supports that reality depends greatly upon observations.


When it comes right down to it, science can’t so far even prove that you and I are “real” in some sense of the definition. There are many competing theories that explore what is real. However, if a person really wants to grow in happiness, it makes good sense to follow high moral and ethical standards and to invest plenty of time in developing of higher awareness (spiritual growth), intuitively knowing that this is best.

Give Our Lord the benefit of believing