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Whenever moving beyond what we did hate and what we could never want, there is the tempter to pull our attention, — puling at us by our too-active minds; always back onto the ugliness — and yet, there is always too, Divine Loving God, hand held firmly out awaiting our joining with Him in stillness.

The ego is a fixer of problems – it couldn’t care less if we are doing God’s Will or not.

It is only the bio-mechanical link to divinity — but when we seek to be love, tolerance, acceptance, caring, compassionate, courteous, patient, kind — that same divinity is there for us — and then we stand upon righteousness properly and call out for help to shelter the poor and to protect the victims or to bring legal action upon the perpetrators.

We are lovers of humanity. It is not unfair that we do our best.

It is not unfair that we live by the highest wholesome standard knowing that the enemy of temptation is riding in false glory on many streets as though in a parade with cheering crowds. Time and again our Lord did bring us to see that our love for humanity is righteous only when we are willing to let be what we are not given to control. We have a voice and it is not unfair that our number is small. Our voice is powered by God almighty!

Please keep doing your God given work my young friend.
~ Eric


The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

I had an experience this weekend, and I want to share with you. There is actually a difference when you have “head” knowledge and when you have “heart” knowledge of something. It suddenly becomes like a new revelation to you even if you knew it before… It is a feeling that you get like something was “downloaded” into your spirit. It kind of gives you a “wow” feeling…

Well, this weekend I was praying for victims of abuse and sex trafficking victims…

and then I thought of Psalm 147:3-6…

“He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds.
He counts the number of the stars;
He calls them all by name.

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