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Mother Teresa’s dark night


unification of opposites


The Dark Night of the Soul
St. John of the Cross
Translated by Shinzen Young


On a dark night,
On fire with longing for love,
Oh happy venture!
I left, unseen,
My house being still…at last.

In darkness, and safe,
By the secret stairway,
in disguise,
Oh happy venture!
In darkness and concealed,
My house being still…at last.

Into the happy night,
In secret, for no one saw me
And neither did I see anything,
Without light or guide,
Other than that which burned in my heart.

And this guided me,
More surely than the light of noon,
To where He awaited
One well known to me
In a place where no one would appear.

O night that guides!
O night more lovely than the light of dawn!
O night that unites
The lover with the beloved,
And transforms the lover into the Beloved!

On my flowering breast,
Which I reserved entirely for
Him alone,
There He dwelt, and slept
And I caressed Him,
And the cedars fanned us with their breeze.

The breeze blew over the castle wall and
As I ran my fingers through
His hair, With His gentle hand
He pinched my neck,
And suspended all my senses.

Thus I stayed, and forgot myself,
Resting my face upon the Beloved;
Everything stopped, and I was set free,
Leaving my care behind
Forgotten, among the lilies.



Mother Teresa

I did not know that Mother Teresa struggled greatly The Dark Night of the Soul.

Apparently, she even stirred some controversies and as I’ve been researching, I find that her teachings and struggle were very human.

I am not Catholic, however, I choose to convey the humanity of Mother Teresa’s struggles, with this documentary from a Catholic priest, Father Paul Murray.

forward to 4 minutes

Program description
The speech begins at 4 minutes; Here, from reflections in his book, I Loved Jesus in the Night, Father Paul Murray provides a compelling account of meetings with Mother Teresa, the saint of Calcutta. Sharing anecdotes and first-hand experiences, Fr. Murray offers a glimpse into why Mother Teresa could declare, in one of her letters, that if ever she were to “become a saint,” she would surely be one of “darkness.” This personal powerful presentation aims to come to terms with the dark night experiences endured by Mother Teresa in the light of the Gospel and the mystical teachings of St John of the Cross and something else as well… revelations of Mother Teresa’s sense of humor!



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