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The REAL power of a human being… through meditation

EpiGenetic Instinct - and - Examining Now the Equality Mirror


A documentary that explores the practice of
meditation and it’s effect on the mind and body.


Part of a BBC documentary
A healer with extraordinary powers


A montage featuring just a handful of people in the world with atypical abilities. The song is “Savior Desire” by Simon of Trideja.

Wim Hof’s cold endurance comes from his practice of “Tummo” meditation, and likewise all of these abilities can be learned by the human body and mind, although they are usually not the lone goal of such efforts. The “electric man” phenomena and Daniel Tammet’s direct (and mostly undistorted) link into a “numerical dimension” of sorts are abilities which are typically innate in those who display them. Very few people have developed such capacities as the result of training, as they demand the most careful and informed of efforts.

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