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How I found my path…
we all need a path


Story #1.

 Originally posted on Manifest Wellness:

Today I’m going to share something close to my heart with my readers for the very first time – my art work! I recently finished an oil painting entitled “The Road to Happiness”. It took about 2 weeks to completion, and was given to my beloved hubby as a birthday gift.

Looking back upon the creative process I underwent, as far as gathering the materials and the DIVINE inspiration that came through me for this painting, I received a deep message I feel will resonate with you as well.

My deadline was up, it was the very last day I had to make any changes to the painting. Initially, when I started, I knew that this was only the third oil painting I had ever done in my life and I just wanted to do a simple landscape of a place I had seen in my minds eye, deep in the woods. Nature has this incredible ability to bring us back to our roots, and ground us.

I wanted people to look into the painting and almost imagine themselves walking down that road towards the majestic sunlight. I sat for a long time staring down the empty road, and I kept visualizing a traveler, or a wanderer just strolling down the happy road…


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Story #2.


When I opened the post (above) by Lisa at Manifest Wellness it opened consciousness for me to an awareness that I transform — daily it seems.

For an old guy,
its a happy day to know that I am growing 
— spiritually growing  
— every day.

My rebellious nature is serving others. 

First, I’d ask: “Why must I trudge this path?”
Next, I asked: “Where is this path taking me?”

Now, I ask: “How will this path serve humanity?”

~ Eric

winding path


Story #3.


Donna Brazile: How I Found My Path 

The political strategist
explains how detours and shortcomings
can get you where you want to go.


I stood up to authority.
At 12 I was an assistant softball coach. Telling my mom why I had to bench my sister taught me I could make tough decisions for the greater good.

I was fiscally irresponsible.
In my 20s, I’d blow all my money on a Eurail pass and return broke but happy. I learned the only way to save was to put my credit cards in the freezer and pour water over them.

I ran my mouth.
My mom once bought me a cassette player so I’d shut up and listen to some music. If she’d lived to see me on TV, she’d see that worked.

I failed.
In 2000 I achieved my dream of managing a presidential campaign—Al Gore’s. Though I really believed he could make a difference, the job was stressful and thankless. A few months after we lost, I found a new calling as a commentator and critic. Now I can give my opinion without taking a poll.


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