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I do love art. Much to my amazement, I recently received a stunning new award from my friend Marlyn at Kintal. Please click the badge to see more about Marlyn’s new award. 


Marlyn Suarez-Exconde’s blog presents insights about society and people using drawings, photos, and colorful works that she and her family create. You ought to see it yourself at kintal.wordpress.com.

I added Marlyn’s Ajay-inspired badge into some of my artistic posts with a link back to her page. I posted it also in my Awards page.

Thank you Marlyn!

Rules for the acceptance of this award:

  • Along with the acceptance of the PFAB Award please post anything that would express your love for art, it may be in a form of a painting, a photograph, an illustration, a poem or essay, anything done for the love of art.
  • Choose 6 bloggers who should merit the said award.

Six fun and art loving bloggers:
Patty petitemagique.wordpress.com
Jewles ramblingsfromjewels.wordpress.com
Barbara idealisticrebel.wordpress.com
Kimberly kimberlyharding.wordpress.com
BelsBror belsbror.wordpress.com
Deborah poetrybydeborahann.wordpress.com
(I discovered that Deborah chooses not to participate in awards)


Thanks for visiting with me.



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