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Kimberly at Soul Healing Art posted one on creativity today.

It got me thinking to write another post on the topic — then I decide… nah, I like what Kimberly wrote and I like what my study of Robert Fritz (Creating) got me and I can reblog this…

My Lesson from Fritz?
I see a revelation… its murky… it needs focus… I let it be and at the same time, I see someone else reading it (it isn’t even written yet). Then I read it in my mind… then I research (it still isn’t even written). Often, someone else already wrote what I want to write. Sometimes their writing is so good, I just blog what that person wrote and maybe add something.

I look at Youtube – always… I am so more aware of things visually than in text… that’s me.

I have a drafts folder of almost 60 entries… some are no more than a paragraph — some are “done” but they aren’t worth much yet so I just leave them be there for maybe forever… or maybe today I find the missing magic and I finish my article.

I write or blog for me… me first… then for someone that has similar interests. I imagine other people reading my work… Sometimes the ego wants attention — that’s okay, but we need a higher-mind so I wait until a higher-self stamps approval (usually). I ask myself, is this writing making clear who I am or what I stand for?

In general, I follow what I learned from Robert Fritz (Creating – I didn’t like his other more popular book as well – The Path of Least Resistance). See: robertfritz.com

His method requires an ability to withstand pressure and tension — I like that because it gets me outside myself while with myself and still in myself… like I am a trinity of selves. Fritz says: “Most people who are not consummate creators avoid tension. They want quick answers.”

To summarize Fritz, I have this to add from Fritz:
“When we create, we are doing two things that can seem opposite. We are actively focusing the creative process toward a particular aim, the full manifestation of the vision, while, at the same time, allowing ourselves to be aimless and non-directive. We are narrow and wide, active and passive at the very same time.”

“In music, there is a technique called circular breathing. You breathe in and out at the very same time.”

“Some people have created systems in which one is supposed to handle these two opposite gestures in sequence: first you are focused, and then you let go,and then you focus again. This type of system, while well intentioned, misses the non-sequential, multi-dimensional, and simultaneous co-existence of both active and passive. You need both control and lack of control to occur at once.”

“When we create, we can be both actively involved in the dynamic decision making process, with high levels of control, while at the very same time, be in a state of relaxation, passively receptive, relinquishing control, and able to let go of the vision we are so hotly pursuing.”

The Yin and Yang of Creating, Robert Fritz

I hope this along with Kim’s post is helpful.

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Soul Healing Art

Let Me Give to You, What I Have Let Me Give to You, What I Have

I think of creativity as a circle or infinity loop. Around and around the creative impulse circumnavigates.

And to keep this momentum – you need to give what you get.

I see too many “creative types” who think of creativity (or life in general) not as a circle but rather as an incline plane in which everything is supposed to flow towards them with ease.

Life does not work this way. If you ever feel out of momentum with your creativity- your blogging, your art, your idea, your career, or whatever- I suggest you do one thing: Look where you can give. Look where you can put something out there to support the work of another and push that circle around.

I think the blogging world is a perfect example of this. I have gained SO MUCH by the comments and “likes”…

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