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Full Of Roses Inspirationals:
Christian inspirational photography and poetry


I awoke this morning to the birds singing

I went outside, there was a sense of well being
The air was so fresh, a calm breeze blew across my face

It was so quiet, as if everyone was sleeping

I found peace and joy in my heart
As if the world had stopped just for a moment

The longing in my heart to draw near to You
I closed my eyes and pictured You in my head

The flowers in the garden began to bloom

The trees filled with the shiniest fruit
The grass grew seven shades greener

The grape vines that never produce were full

A rainbow had criss-crossed another rainbow across the sky
It was most beautiful

A stream came rushing through my feet
Fish with wings jumping over me

The sky a shade of blue I had never seen before

A Man in white came walking towards me with a gleam in his eye
I have never seen Your face, but I knew it was You

Lord please don’t make me leave this place

He spoke to my heart with a smile on His face
I realized there was still more to be saved
With a tear in my eye, I smiled

He knew my love for Him
Keeping all in my heart of that day
I will seek all that You lead me to




Isaiah 65:17

See, I will create new heavens and a new earth.
The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind.


animated.LoveYouWe are to practice seeing this.

I think that Heaven dawns as consciousness joins God, a place where He is all at once all that is… in a moment that is forever… a place that is like no-place; a truly God place; a place where we love wonderfully satisfyingly, deliciously; and where finally all knowing is all known by all beings in God. I believe, God is Heaven. I do.


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