This is a great way to keep a memory log of positives, areas that need work, and accomplishments; and more… journaling is a tried and true good tool.

Thanks for sharing CeeLee.

~ Eric

Swim in the Adult Pool

March 10th through 16th

  • Monday March 10th

A day off work is great, but a day off with Duck, the Redneck and spring weather is damn near perfect.

  • Tuesday March 11th

Another spring day that I actually got up on time (for once) I wasn’t rushed, and was able to enjoy cleaning up the yard.

  • Wednesday March 12th

Sleeping in on a rainy day? Yeah…it rocked.

  • Thursday March 13th

I’m happy for all the support, both in comments and likes given here on my blog.
Thank you’s to everyone!

  • Friday March 14th

My getting the Lighthouse Blog Award was the topper for a week
that already had me feeling like a star.

  • Saturday March 15th

1 more spring weather day for Duck and I to enjoy before the sleet and snow hit tomorrow-so we’re gonna stay outside all day (minus the cell phone)

  • Sunday March 16th

Getting nominated for the…

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