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Amen. I add only, this is often meant to be an agreement — I agree that God is of Love and His gradual revelation to us is one of peace and gifting to us his Holy Spirit of love and peace. If you haven’t visited Shannon’s ‘Revelations in Writing” I hope that you do. You’ll love her poems, images, and prayers; I’m sure.
~ Eric

Revelations In Writing

“For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.” – (I Corinthians 14:33)

Though this verse is given as instruction in the context for holding worship services in the church, if we are living our lives as an ongoing act of worship before Him, I imagine that the same principles are meant to be applied throughout our daily walk with Him. When we exercise the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given, we are meant to do so in harmony with one another. Chaos should not reign, for God is not given the opportunity to work among us as He intended, when the world we operate in is a constant whirlwind. When we slow down enough to allow His peace to reign, it permeates our perimeters and is passed on to those around us.

After one of my busiest weeks of the year so far, this is a timely…

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