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Multitasking is what culture demands of us… most of us stress out just simply because we aren’t naturally ready for intense multitasking… let’s look at how mindfulness allows us to manage thinking and stress; to maintain health and well-being.

Mindfulness Practices to Improve Well Being
with Larry Berkelhammer, PhD



Program Description
This presentation was given at Marin Center for Independent Living in 2013. It describes how and why mindfulness practice has the power to improve health and well-being. Mindfulness practice allows us to live fully in the moment, which allows us to liberate ourselves from rumination and anxiety. For more articles and talks on How to Live Well With Chronic Illness, visit http://www.larryberkelhammer.com


I know I need certain simple techniques to get higher return from mindfulness. After all, I was practically an old man before I began. In fact, regrading multitasking — actually I am improved. However, it is because I focus more on the prsent one thing that I am better able to multitask.

Here is a summary of technique…
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Mindfulness Practices to Improve Health and Happiness

by LARRY Berkelhammer, PhD

Greater self-awareness leads to greater options. Preface each behavior with “I am choosing.” By announcing to yourself that you are about to engage in a behavior, you create greater self-awareness. 

Here are some examples:

    • I’m choosing to walk across the room.
    • I’m choosing to stop at the red light.
    • I’m choosing to stop eating before finishing what’s on my plate.

You can do this with simple behaviors or complex ones. The point is that announcing each behavior reduces automatic behaviors that we normally perform each day without any conscious awareness. This practice is a great antidote to the feelings of powerlessness that often accompany life with a chronic illness.

It is valuable for a number of reasons:

    • It serves as a mindfulness practice, making us fully aware of our behavior.
    • It serves to replace automatic behavior with conscious intention.
    • For those of us living with chronic illness, it serves to return a sense of mastery — a sense that we are in control of our lives.
    • It serves to continually remind us that we can choose our behavior in every moment of the day.
    • It can free us from the tyranny of disease.

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