My grandmother that made me a blanket and a little elephant that was posed like a hug bear died when I was small still. I still recall the cherished blanket and “Waffels” (stuffed loved one).

visit: http://fruitsofheart.wordpress.com/ and maybe you’ll have a nostalgia moment too.

I wonder if my friends know that there is some great crafty making of such cuteness at Fruits of Heart blog:

Fruits of Heart

The miniature Autumn bears,  featured last post, seem to have led to the appearance of tiny rabbits. After all it is the season for bunnies, who are  the symbol of forthcoming seasonal celebrations, but this was not really the motivation or even intended.

Very small handstitched felt landscape with two miniature rabbits. the scene is a grassy knoll and stream or pond below. Reminiscing Rabbits of Hilltop

The first ones were created to put into a tiny empty felt nature ‘scape that reminded me very much when finished of the scenery around “Hilltop”, Beatrix Potter’s first farm in the Lakes District of the U.K.Thus the rabbits appeared. When that piece was done it led to making a scene that had a little burrow and a pond, again influenced by travel to England.

Another miniature felt scene reminiscent of an English rural field with rabbits and a pond.the pond has a mother duck and her two babies. The ducklings are less then 1/2inch By the pond

Next came this egg cosy or finger puppet, as the children in our stitching class  wanted to make a bunny. Designing this simple rabbit led to further experimentation and musing on the symbology of the season.

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