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“He that cometh from above is above all:
he that is of the earth is earthly,
and speaketh of the earth:
he that cometh from heaven is above all.”

~ John The Baptist
John 3:31


There were approximately 350,000 births today. Today, humans have an average life span of 31.99 years in Swaziland and 82 years in Japan (see chart). There are nearly eight billion humans on our world. Spirituality connections are unknown to most of the humans here. Some that connect do not know about it. Some that do manage to notice connections allow their doubts to turn them away. These are the conditions into which I like we most of us came to know the world.

There will be good times and not so good times. Perhaps this is a time of an awakening of peaceful and loving service as I see is being blogged and as I continue my research and growth. I think this is a time of great change.

While we are here, some may ask important questions and seek awakening knowledge. I do this earnestly. I find that I am able to make tremendous progress. Perhaps, it may be that I am merely making the progress that was likely in my lifetime. I don’t know. What I do know is that I was in great need of a higher-self. My Christian self grew to know the presence of the life of Jesus finally and then the presence of Holy Spirit and this presence opens me to a source of love that is growing from within.

Grace by Nathan Furr free photo #12440These are gifts available to us if we may seek honestly and willingly. The gifts of Holy Spirit we may say require the recipient to have an honest, open and willing heart. I think the connection then occurs in this way automatically. The requirement of we that ask is to form this desire with intention to receive. The growth then of this connection is to give what is being received to the other humans that need a physical presence to hang out with so they can see for themselves that spiritual growth is what they need and want. Knowledge thus grows within us each. There otherwise is no knowledge within that grows strong in us into being loving.

I remind myself to always be open to higher knowledge. Absolute truth is elusive. There is always a higher truth here in the world. Thus, as I make progress, I am aware of a spiritual softened sense; a spiritual awareness that evolves from Holy Spirit into me. This sense is soft to see the softness of love that enlivens humans and animals, and perhaps even plants. There is no limit to the expansion of this soft sensing and the spiritual nature of love. In other words, the more that I discover, the more there is yet to be discovered — each and every aspect of knowing containing all of knowledge.

In space-time, this seems impossible to understand; it seems impossible. Yet, is this the truth? I glimpse it is not. Let me assure you that you did not come here to my blog to find your spiritual higher-self. I do not have that here. You are as spiritual as you are going to be and so am I. We are spiritual first.

What I have is a story here that I write from a different perspective. This bog is a story about my coming to “know” a higher-self as this is growing conscious. That is all that I have here for you.

Each and every time that I am accepting, enjoying and enthusiastic, there is growth. Sometime, people reduce this awareness to a law of attraction. That law is real enough. That law, I think is only a small part of the growing awareness. That law is only a perception of the truth of absolute knowledge that we grow from within; I think.

We may mindfully pray and ask God for guidance from His Holy Spirit. The spirit dimension is vast. It is expanding and it’s expansiveness is far greater than our awareness. Yet, the spiritual realm allows instantaneous access to all love and by our compassion, we may grow with this expansion of accepting, enjoying and enthusiastic awareness. 


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I am thankful to recall “I am a spiritual being. The Holy Spirit is the truth of spirituality.” This is the knowledge of becoming love; new cells and tissue and mind. So, really, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ve been reading and learning about a me in the making. This, I understand, is what blogging is about.


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