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Widgets: Posts I like

Have you learned about using widgets yet? WordPress standard (free) has some widgets that you can use to dress up your blog. I’ve included an advance tutorial here but the Widgets I am using are really easy and I’m highlighting the “Posts I Like” widget today. 

Posts-I-Like.widgetsI hope this is useful.

The Widgets interface is located from the dashboard in the Appearance sidebar.

Widgets are independent sections of content that can be placed into any widgetized area that is provided by your blog theme (generally these are sidebars and footers). To populate your sidebars/widget areas with individual widgets, drag and drop the widgets title bars onto a desired area. By default, only the first widget area is expanded. To populate additional widget areas, click on their title bars to expand them.

The Available Widgets section contains all the widgets you can choose from. Once you drag a widget into a sidebar, open it and fill it in with your settings. When you are happy with the widget settings, click the Save button and the widget will go live on your site. If you click Delete, it will remove the widget.

My image is of the “Posts I Like” widget displayed on my sidebar. All I had to do was drag it to the appropriate spot in my sidebar in the Widgets window and then select how many posts I wanted to display — 14 is the maximum (limit). I selected a Grid for my display.






I used the widget Posts I LIke display when I created my page: Spring – my favorite.

When you get an extra minute, please explore the “Posts I Like” widget and visit some of my favorite bloggers by uing the links from my sidebar. 


Thanks for learning with me.