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“The key to growth
is the introduction of
higher dimensions of
consciousness into our awareness.”
~ Lao Tzu

I don’t think that genius comes primarily from studies.

Hunt4TruthStairway2HeavenI can’t prove that.

I can demonstrate one reason that I think so though… prodigy children:

I’m not being scientific just yet… not this post.

I’m just wondering is all. I wonder if genius comes into any of us from a field of intelligence. For example, I have a documentary here that demonstrates that a lad can perform amazing feats of intellect… as a genius… and demonstrably these feats are beyond comprehension.

Here is what he can do without preparation:

What is 37 X 37 X 37 X 37? You have 30 seconds – no calculator, pencil or paper.

What is 13 divided by 97? Give me the answer to 32 decimal places please. Same rules.

Here is what he can do with preparation:

I want you to learn a new language in one week.

I’ll give you another week to memorize the value of Pi to 22,500 decimal places.

No kidding… he is able to perform these feats…

Please, meet

Daniel Tammet

A genius Autistic Savant



Program Description
Daniel Tammet (born on 31 January 1979) is an autistic savant. Tammet has been “studied repeatedly” by researchers in Britain and the United States, and has been the subject of several peer-reviewed scientific papers.



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