“Resist not evil” is one of Jesus’ teachings. Its not something most people want to learn… essentially what is detailed in this post is the jist of it… what we experience is a reflection of our perceptions… hear no evil, see no evil… speak no evil… be not evil… the ego can’t do that… only spirit can understand this.


13. unwelcome guestWe’ve all experienced those moments when negative thoughts and feelings arrive uninvited and, like you would any gatecrasher who threatens the ambiance of the party, you try to shut the door before they can cross the threshold. And then, when you think you’ve shut them out in the cold, you catch glimpses of them… through the window…creeping down the chimney…sneaking in through the back door… Until you suddenly realise that your party is quite ruined. The negative thoughts and feelings have overwhelmed your conscious mind in a way you never imagined when you first encountered them at the front door.

It is for this reason that it is important to accept negative thoughts and emotions for what they are when they do arise. Acceptance of emotions does not mean that you embrace them – and this is an important distinction that people often overlook. It’s the difference between welcoming an…

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